12th NIZO Dairy Conference

Innovations in Dairy Ingredients

4 – 7 October 2021, Papendal, The Netherlands

The 12th NIZO Dairy Conference will cover technologies and developments around dairy ingredients.

Dairy ingredients play a crucial role in achieving and maintaining textural and sensorial properties of almost all dairy products and many other foods. Moreover, dairy ingredients have an important contribution to the nutritional and health effects of dairy and other food products.

The focus of the conference will be on the following aspects of dairy ingredient functionality:

  • Protein and peptide functionality
  • Ingredient manufacture and properties
  • Product structure and stability
  • Nutrition, digestion and health
  • Fractionation, purification and production of dairy ingredients
  • Healthy minor components

The 12th NIZO dairy conference aims to combine the most recent scientific developments in dairy ingredients. It will provide a unique opportunity for experts from academia, the dairy industry and the wider food industry to interact and apply their knowledge and latest research findings to the design and manufacture of new and improved foods and dairy ingredients. The conference will bring together experts from the fields of dairy science and technology, processing, chemistry, physics, sensory, health and nutritional sciences.

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  • Claire Gaiani, University of Lorraine, France
    André Groeneveld, FrieslandCampina, Netherlands
    Dr. Rita Hickey, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
    Ulrich Kulozik, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Peng Zhou, Jiangnan University, China

Organising committee
  • René Floris (Conference Chair), NIZO Food Research
    Fred van de Velde, NIZO Food Research
    John Giezen, NIZO Food Research
    Lizzy Birnie, Elsevier

Scientific Committee
  • Fred van de Velde, NIZO Food Research
    René Floris, NIZO Food Research
    Thom Huppertz, FrieslandCampina, Wageningen University

Organised by
  • Elsevier
  • NIZO
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