Conference Speaker Articles

Check out some of the papers our keynote speakers have published recently:

Alan Mackie, University of Leeds, UK
Dairy food structures influence the rates of nutrient digestion through different in vitro gastric behaviour, Food Hydrocolloids, Volume 67, June 2017, Pages 63–73

Prof. Seamus O’Mahony, University College, Cork, Ireland
Isolation and characterisation of κ-casein/whey protein particles from heated milk protein concentrate and role of κ-casein in whey protein aggregation, International Dairy Journal, Volume 73, October 2017, Pages 98-108

Michael Ganzle, University of Alberta, Canada
Lactose and lactose-derived oligosaccharides: More than prebiotics?, International Dairy Journal, Volume 67, April 2017, Pages 61–72

John Lucey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Effect of standardizing the lactose content of cheesemilk on the properties of low-moisture, part-skim Mozzarella cheese, Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 99, Issue 10, October 2016, Pages 7791–7802

Thom Huppertz, NIZO, The Netherlands / South Dakota State University, USA
Acid gelation of reconstituted milk protein concentrate suspensions: Influence of lactose addition
International Dairy Journal, Volume 61, October 2016, Pages 107–113

Dr. Mark Fenelon, Teagasc, Ireland
The effects of fluidised bed and high shear mixer granulation processes on water adsorption and flow properties of milk protein isolate powder
Journal of Food Engineering, Volume 192, January 2017, Pages 19–27

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