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Are you curious to learn more about the company behind the conference and the latest developments in food research? We’ve developed a tour of NIZO facilities in Ede with an exciting program intended to let you know what other areas NIZO is active in besides dairy.

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During the site visit four topics will be presented:

  1. Modelling – Predictive modelling with the gProms food processing model library. How can you use modelling to develop or optimize your processing facilities using this special tool? In this presentation you will get a first impression on what you can achieve.

  2. Plant protein functionality – How to make a plant protein mass production, in taste, functionality and profitability? Get to experience different examples of plant protein applications and decide for yourself which one works best for you.

  3. Sensory research – NIZO success factors for profitable sensory research. Why professional sensory research can tell you so much more then consumer taste panels.

  4. Proving health claims – A proven health benefit such as infection resistance, immune response support or reduced glucose response helps to build consumer trust. How can we prove health claims for our clients’ food products or ingredients?

The site visit will take place on Friday morning 11 October 2019 and is included as part of your registration fee. See, taste, and experience the latest developments at NIZO in an interactive way.

Please contact Lizzy Birnie, email: to reserve a space.

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